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 Sean Mathews heads to his new duty station in Hawaii with the love of his life. But he receives his new way of living in his new handbook titled, “Sir, yes Sir and believes he has made a big mistake in bringing a Lover with him. Sean also meets a new love and his father for the first time and is shocked by finding out a family secret.


Sean then comes back to Baltimore to stand trail against Mr. Lomax who stalked and tried to kill him but once Sean is put on the stand, will he admit to his lifestyle and possibly be put out of the military? Will his family secret destroy his relationship with his father and new love?


These and other questions will be answered and learn more about the secret club of “Sirs & Boys” in this new release, “Sir, yes Sir”.   

 Sean is a muscle bound private in the military looking for an exciting change in his love life. As he searches, his bedroom becomes a revolving door; from his wife, to his lover, to his sexy new roommate. But eventually the door will swing wide open to reveal his erotic alternative sex life. He soon gets caught in a triangle of love, lies, deceit, and wild weekends, which will sway him in the wrong direction, and his exotic path will give the military a new reputation. He enters a world where his sexual interest has reached its peak, but the interest is out of the ordinary... Let s just say he will Be All That He Can Be. Will Sean get the best of both worlds or just simply turned out?

 Back to claim what's his, sexy Sean Matthews is finally ready to confess the feelings he can't ignore for best friend, Cameron. In his mind, losing the man he's come to love is not an option. But little does Sean know, his newfound happiness will suddenly be threatened when he s accused and arrested for the ultimate sin...murder. Ride with author Mike Warren as he exposes the drama, unexpected surprises, mayhem and steamy sexual desires. This sweeping novel is both raunchy and mind-blowing. If you've read E. Lynn Harris or Mike Warren's first novel, A Private Affair, you will fall on love with Sweet Swagger!

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