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This review is from: Sweet Swagger (Kindle Edition)

This is a excellent written, edited and informative book. It may be a work of fiction but it "sucked" you in that you believed that this was actually happening to someone you may know or would like to meet. This youngs man's journey into the world of gay man on man sex was thrilling and played out well across every page. I hope that there is a part three to this series.

This review is from: A Private Affair (Paperback)
Both page turners, and I could not put them down! Can't wait for the next installment!
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Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sweet Swagger (Paperback)
I just ordered both books a couple of days ago and they arrived on yesterday (A Private Affair & Sweet Swagger). I read BOTH books in one sitting on yesterday! When I finished the first one I had to keep going...lol! I could not put those books down! The main characters were jumping off the pages and I was right there with them. Mike Warren did a great job with both books. I read A LOT, 2-3 novels a week and most of the time I am tempted to skip a bit if an author starts to ramble. I DID NOT do that with these books. Luckily I'm a housewife because I would be really tired today. I stayed up until the wee hours finishing the books. I have read all of Mr. Harris's novels but Mike Warren takes it to a different level. If ya like E. Lynn Harris you will love Mike Warren's work. Mr. Warren I sure do hope that you are working on the sequel (I need to research to see if its out there already), if not please get busy because I see at least two more books in this series!!! Please give us more. I need to know what Sean is doing in Hawaii and with who...lol!!! Great job!!!!

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